Game Boy Advance SP Slate Shell + Backlight Kit by Makho

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Slate shell by Makho
with backlight kit included

This shell is made from CNC machined materials. Some tool paths and other work markings may be visible due to this process.

Anodized colors may vary between batches. Colors may not match exactly match the photos.

Materials other than aluminum may tarnish and form a patina, it is normal for there to be oxidization marks on these types of metals.

Slate shell kits may have an additional handling time of up to 7 business days.

Please do not purchase this item if any of this is an issue!

This kit includes a LCD with custom glass lens designed for the Slate shell. Please test the kit before complete installation! Do not force the screen assembly into the housing as it may break. If it seems like it will not fit please contact our customer support.

Exchanges or replacement parts are not offered for kits showing signs of installation.

Kit includes:

CNC face plate
CNC back plate
Light Pipe
Screw set (PH00)
Metal dowel for shoulder buttons
Backlight kit 

Required items:

GBA SP donor console
Any bottom half of a SP shell
Any regular SP buttons