Stainless Steel Ceramic Tweezers, Antimagnetic, High Temperature Resistant, Non-Conductive

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Stainless Steel Ceramic tweezers are made of special high
temperature resistant ceramic.
The greatest feature of ceramic tweezers is that they are strong,
smooth and high temperature resistant, and can be operated smoothly in a strong magnetic field.
Especially suitable for acid and ultra-high temperature soldering occasions.
It is very difficult to produce ion transfer.
When the transfer is in contact with the product, there will be no static electricity.

Stainless Steel Ceramic tweezers:

1. Ceramic tips are absolutely non-magnetic and static,
suitable for the operation of precision sensitive electronic components.

2. Head heat resistance is very strong,
can withstand high temperature 3000 degrees,
rarely cracks, can work for a long time.

3. The steel is made of stainless steel,
acid and alkali resistance, antimagnetic.
Usage: Suitable for acid occasion, SMD, solder joint,
high temperature operation, cleaning room,
electronic equipment, precision machinery,
electronic smoke, pharmaceutical operation, etc.

Product parameters:

Stainless Steel Ceramic Tweezers x 1.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel + Ceramic

Size: 5.12 in.

Weight:0.5 oz.

Color: Silver.