Digital Amplifier Board Volume Module for Game Boy GBC GBA

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Power: Low Power

size: 1.85 * 2.11 cm

Customer common problems:

1, 2 * 3 w miniature digital power amplifier board class D power supply can use the computer?

Answer: power amplifier board can use a computer power supply, but will produce noise may be produced (also some customers did not appear murmurs), the best advice of independent power supply.

2, miniature digital 2 * 3 w class D power amplifier boards with the speaker of the house is good?

Answer: our speaker is only provide DIY players try, sound is not particularly good, if the pursuit of high sound client can buy separately.

3, 2 * 3 w miniature digital power amplifier board class D why there are noise after power on the speaker?

The answer:

1, appear whistlers, should be the audio input line, the introduction of shielded wire should be used for audio input line, and then there is audio input line don't hung up to connect good audio source.

2, is a kind of reason may be that some power supply is bad interference is very big, switch power supply.

Good noise suppression, under the condition of the connected input audio, ears also can't hear any noise on the speaker, dual channel stereo, 5 v power supply can output 3 w + 3 w power, can be directly driven 4 Ω, 8 Ω small speakers, big output power, energy, sound quality is good. Unique without LC filter class D digital power board, can use computer USB power supply directly. Double panel wiring, properly solve wiring caused by potential balance and crosstalk between channels, super mini design, can be easily placed in a variety of digital products within a small space, high amplification efficiency. Are all made of solid plate welding machine, welding quality of the manual soldering iron welding comparable!

Note: The left and right channel output of the "negative" and can not be connected together, otherwise it will burn IC, and should be preceded powered speakers connected (load).

Rated working voltage 2.5V ~ 5V, limit operating voltage 5.5V.