Super Mini Digital Amp Module No Cut for Gameboy COLOR ADVANCE GBC GBA

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The power supply voltage is 2.5-5.5V, more than 5.5V, the chip will burn out.
The power supply current recommended 1A or more, less than 1A sound will be small.
The positive and negative poles of the power supply can not be reversed, and the reverse chip is burnt.
The load recommended 4 Euro 3W speakers.
This module has a mute switch, high level mute, low level playback, the default is low level playback.
This module is suitable for amplifying the audio signal of 0.5V-1V. If the signal is too small, it needs to be connected to the preamplifier.
This module is only suitable for single-supply operation and cannot be connected to a negative power supply.

Working voltage: 2.5-5.5VDC
Working current: 1A or more
Output power: 3-5W
Load parameters: impedance 4-8 Ohm, speaker power 3-5W
Signal to noise ratio: 85dB@ VDD=5V, Vorms=1V