FunnyPlaying Game Boy Color 2.0 Laminated Q5 IPS Ready Shell

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IMPORTANT: Please make sure to not install the middle screw on the motherboard to avoid any over tightening issues. See image above for screw information.

These shells will only work with the FunnyPlaying GBC Q5 2.0 laminated kit, the OSD kit can also work but is more difficult to install. It will not work with the FunnyPlaying Q5 1.0 ribbon.

Modified the LCD mounting area of the housing to accommodate the installation of the GBC 2.0 laminated kit.
Modified the middle of the battery compartment, it will not affect the AA battery installation, and provides more space to add a lithium battery.
More color choices, and constantly increasing
Compatible with original buttons.

1 x GBC housing with matching battery cover
1 x Set of replacement screws
1 x infrared cover

GBC buttons not included
Colors may vary from what you see on your display
This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart.
The low temperature may cause the housing to shrink a little.
Aftermarket conductive pads are not supported. The original is compatible.