Game Boy Color Laminated Q5 XL IPS Backlight with OSD - Hispeedido

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The Q5 LCD screen has been Laminated.

Larger Display area.

Two touch sensors:

Touch sensor 1: for the brightness adjustment

Touch sensor 2: for the Color model adjustment by short touch & Retro pixel Effect ON/OFF by 3 seconds long time touch.

1. Built-in OSD Menu!
2.The display area is larger than the original.
3. Retro pixel Effect ON/OFF.
4. Image position adjustable. No need to worry about the misalignment of the LCD screen in the installation.
5. Battery level display On/OFF
6. Wide View angle up to 178 degree
7. You need to solder 3 wires to Control the OSD Menu.

****You don't need to do any soldering if you don't want to use the OSD
Menu, because you can change the brightness, color modes and Retro Pixel
via touchpad.****

This is not the laminated GBC kit made by FunnyPlaying, if you are looking for the FunnyPlaying kit you can find it here.